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Building A2,Shangce industrial zone,Jinhua Road,District 75,Xixiang street,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China

Nicety Mould have 2 injection molding workshops which equipped with over 24 sets injecting machines, the range are from 30 tons to 450 tons, including 11 sets Demag brand injection machines which are imported from Germany, many of these injection machines have been equipped with robot arms, automatic raw material supplying system to achieve fully automated production. after injection molding, we do100 percent quality check, fully assure the high quality of finished products.we aim at high precision plastic parts injection molding, PC transparent parts molding, high temperature material molding, elbow pipe molding etc.


We have rich experience in molding various engineering grade resins,such as PC,PC +GF,ABS,PBT,PA66,PA66+GF,PPO,PPS,PU,PP,PE TPE,TPU,LCP,PEI,PEEK,Ultem etc.

To meet some customers' special requirements, we also do secondary processing, such as the finished products assembly, spray painting, laser engraving, ultrasonic process and hot plate welding etc, currently, we have an assembly department which have about 30 workers, but we don't have spray painting, laser engraving, ultrasonic machines and hot plate welding machines, if need these processings, we have some outside factories to work with us. after finish the secondary processing, we will 100 percent inspect the quality ourselves, to ensure the quality meet our customers' requirements.