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Building A2,Shangce industrial zone,Jinhua Road,District 75,Xixiang street,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China

Good quality is based on strict quality control. Our operation conforms to the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system. We use advanced testing equipment and perfect quality control system to effectively control every link of design, production and quality inspection.


We have 15 quality inspectors who are experienced and careful. We equipped a series of advanced inspection equipment, including 4 sets of CMM machines, 3 sets of optical projectors, other hardness measuring instruments, altimeters, and about 180 pcs electronic gages. We regularly check and calibrate our inspection equipments to ensure the precision of the equipments. After the completion of each process, our engineers need to 100% check the dimensions, If all the dimensions meet the requirements, then we can continue to the next process, otherwise we have to repair the parts or make a new part.


It is in this way that we can ensure that the parts we produce meet the requirements of the drawings, and the customers are fully satisfied with our quality.


1. Equipment Steel Hardness Inspection

2. Equipment Steel Dimension Inspection

3. Equipment Electrodes Inspection

4. Equipment Parts Dimension Inspection

5. Equipment Pre-Assembly Inspection

6. Equipment Trial Report and Samples Inspection

7. Equipment Shipment Final Inspection



1. CMM Machine

2. Optical Projector

3. Electronic Height Gauge

4. Electronic Gauge


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